Tcl/Tk Aqua - Darwin 8.0

TclTk Aqua Batteries-Included

Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger includes a significant subset of the TclTk Aqua Batteries-Included distribution.

This page lists all TclTk Aqua BI software packages included in Darwin 8.0 (the open-source component of Mac OS X Tiger).

The versions of the included packages correspond largely to what is present in the TclTkAquaBI 8.4.7 distribution.

Tiger compatibility of Tcl/Tk Aqua BI Distributions

The packages marked "Mac OS X 10.3 or later" on the Tcl/Tk Aqua main page are compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, except for one small issue: the /usr/bin/wish8.4 script provided by Tiger will be overwritten by the Tk installer, so you may want to rename it to /usr/bin/wish8.4.7 manually before running the installer.
This issue is fixed starting with the distribution.

Install Locations

TclTkAquaBI Darwin 8.0 Details

The sources and patches used to build the TclTkAquaBI components in Darwin correspond largely to what is present in the TclTkAquaBI 8.4.7 distribution.

One major change from the 8.4.7 BI is the inclusion of the loadable TkAqua patch (as integrated into TkAqua 8.4.9).

The full darwin-TclBI submission to Apple for inclusion in Tiger is available and in TclTkAqua CVS, the various Makefile.fetch files give the exact dates of the CVS sources retrieved for each project.

The actual sources used by Apple to build TclTkAquaBI in Tiger are available at, or via live CVS:
cvs -d co tcl

A diff details the small number of changes made by Apple to the original submission.

Thanks go to Jordan Hubbard and Toby Peterson in Apple's CoreOS group for being instrumental in getting this submission included in Darwin!

Contents of TclTkAquaBI Darwin 8.0

The following packages are included with Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger:

Tcl 8.4.7, Tk 8.4.7, Thread 2.6
TclX 8.4
TclVfs 1.3
Expect 5.42
Tcllib, Tklib 0.2, BWidget 1.7
IncrTcl 3.3b1, IWidgets 4.0.2
TkTable 2.9
TkImg 1.3
Treectrl 1.0
TclXML 2.6, TclDOM 2.6, TclXSLT 2.6
TclSOAP 1.6.7
tDOM 0.8.0
Memchan 2.2.0
Trf 2.1p2
TLS 1.5.0
TclODBC 2.5
TclSQLite3 3.1.3
Tbcload 1.4
Snack 2.2.7
XOTcl 1.2.0
TclAE 2.0
TclAppleScript 1.0
TclResource 1.1
QuickTimeTcl 3.1

Note that this list of packages almost constitutes a superset of what is contained in ActiveState's ActiveTcl distribution on other platforms: missing are extensions Vu, TkHtml and Tile as well as applications Tkcon and TclApps